Healthy Lunch Box

By January 31, 2019Tips

Want to send your child off to school with a nutritious lunch box that will help them get the most out of their day and keep them full? Try our top tips for a day of food your kids will love!

Tip 1: Always pack fruit!

Fruit makes for a great convenient snack for morning and afternoon breaks. These can be mixed up every week to give them a variety of different nutrients from different fruit. Pick fruits that are in season ($ saver!) and will keep for the day in their school bags (no waste!)

Tip 2: Diary

Send your kids off with some sort of dairy product that will help boost their calcium levels (strong bones!) and keep them full. Yogurt (low sugar), cheese and crackers, Sustagen popper, Up & Go popper, Le Rice or small can Heinz creamed rice (if you freeze this the night before it acts as a cooler in the lunch box and will defrost in time for morning tea!)

Tip 3: Grains

Opting for wholegrain breads, wraps and cereals in your childs lunch box will help keep them fuller and more energised for longer periods of time between meals. Try a wholegrain sandwich with chicken, lettuce, capsicum and hummus!

Tip 4: Healthy snacks.

Ditch the cakes and biscuits this year and toss in some carrots and peanut butter, popcorn, nuts, low sugar muesli bars or wholegrain crackers with their favourite spread.


Happy back to school week!